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How Do I Know When It’s Time To Make a Move?

As we get older, small things, such as tying shoes or lifting heavy cooking pots, become more difficult. For many, the big things get tough too: being able to get out of the bathtub, losing their balance while walking, and forgetting whether or not they took their morning pills are threats to a senior’s safety and well being.

There are many signs to watch out for if you think it is time to make a move. If you begin to notice decreasing hygiene or changes in personality, appearance or social habits, then perhaps staying at home is not really safe anymore. When it seems like someone is spending as much time at a medical facility as they are at home, advanced options should be explored. Even the healthiest seniors are prone to slips, trips and falls. Our homes that were great  in the 60’s and 70’s are no longer safe when we reach our 80’s and 90’s. The cost of modifying those homes may be much more than considering a different living arrangement.

Aging is difficult; finding care doesn’t have to be. Home 2 Home 4 Seniors offers assistance with finding the appropriate senior care and living arrangements for your loved one including independent and assisted living, memory care, or in-home care. Services are free to seniors and their families. Call (844) 300-7026 today for a free consultation.

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