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Free Resources and Volunteering


IMG_1232 (3)Volunteers are passionate, inspired and want to make a difference… to support seniors and in a multitude of ways. One of the many ways our Eldercare Advisors participate is in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and public education for caregivers.  Contact our office or one of our Eldercare Advisors directly to learn more about various events and local goings on… (844)300-7026

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Community Educators
Community Educators deliver community education programs developed by the Alzheimer’s Association, using scripted curricula, PowerPoint presentations and other prepared training materials provided by the Association. All topics are related to Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias as well as the information that affected individuals and families need.  Many of these presentations are conducted at Adult Learning Centers, Public Libraries and Civic Centers.


Special Events 

Volunteers can assist with special events or conferences such as preparing materials, mass mailings, data entry and day-of-event/conference assistance such as registration check-in, set up, and hospitality. There are great opportunities to volunteer for events such as A Reason to Hope, Candlelight Remembrance or WALK to End Alzheimer’s.


Advocates play an essential role in legislative efforts by taking political action in support services and initiatives for seniors.  All you need is the desire to share your story and have your voice heard by your elected officials.  Advocates are engaged in a variety of public policy activities, such as emailing, calling or writing legislators, attending Public Policy Conferences and Capital Day events, visiting legislators in home district offices, and helping to identify new advocates.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact us: (844) 300-7026

Many communities  reimburse us for our consulting services, thereby enabling us to work for families without charge.